by Turning Down Sex

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With 12 Years a Slave sweeping this year’s Oscars, there seemed to be no better time to unveil our 2nd EP MASTERFLESH, which wordlessly chronicles the horrors of slavery. Yes, human slavery is still rife in our lifetime – on the distant, arid planet of Ogg Vorbis. As one pitiful soul recounts:

“Our captors, they flap their wings at us. Peck our cracked, beaten skin with their platinum beaks, talking in low mechanical squawks. They eye us noiselessly. Waiting for us to fall on our knees in exhaustion so that they can swarm… and nip us to bite-size pieces!”

The crack of the cyber-whip on one’s spine is a pain endured by thousands every day, and for what? To build a gargantuan statue of Emperor Gorax in full plume?


This EP - or sonic dream-collage, if you will – is our call to arms. It was recorded in three days in a stable in county Wicklow, by the famously sound Brendan W. Jenkinson; a producer of unbounded talent, patience and cosmic energy. (So good is his manipulation of recorded sound, that there were actually no instruments used in the EP bar one bass line (0’00 – 0’03), which was then pasted to become roughly 4000 different tracks.)

So now you know what slavery to the wingéd ones sounds like.

Will you continue to sit in your armchair, with your pies and hats, doing nothing?

Will you join us on a cosmic adventure for liberation?

Won’t you dream?


released March 14, 2014

Recorded by Brendan Jenkinson
Mastered by Eoin Whitfield at The Hive Studios
Artwork by Robert Ickis Mirolo



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Turning Down Sex Dublin, Ireland

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